Platform releases 2023

January 4, 2023

:rocket: Added

  • Gaming Innovation Group Integration
    Sync user profile data, execute personalised SBG marketing campaigns and analyse them. Read more.
  • SMS URL Tracking
    Clicks on SMS shortened URLs can be tracked and analysed at campaign analytics. Read more.
  • OAuth2.0
    Generate any number of secure API tokens using the OAuth2.0 protocol. Allow your developers to create, manage, and delete tokens independently for different connections. Read more.
  • SSO
    Authenticate the login of your users to Xtremepush via an existing user management platform allowing you to manage their accounts from a single place. Read more.

:high-brightness: Improved

  • New options for date attribute segmentation
    It is now possible to select “after date” and “before date” for date attributes in segmentation. Read more.
  • Improvement to user imports
    Spaces will get automatically trimmed for identifiers in user imports.
  • Improvement to delay node in journey builder
    The project timezone has been added to the delay by a specific date option in the journey builder.
  • Terminology improvement
    Global suppression conditions have been renamed to Global Include Condition.

:white-check-mark: Fixed

  • Fixed issue that was causing an error when creating a new translation with the same label as a recently deleted translation.
  • Fixed issue where dates before 1970 were not being considered in segmentation.
  • Fixed issue that caused the Require Audience Count on campaign approval logic not to get applied on the new campaign creation interface.
  • Fixed issue that prevented colour changes on On-site messages from immediately showing on the preview.
  • Fixed issue that caused Optimove triggered campaigns' last step to be called Review & Launch on the new campaign creation interface. This step now aligns with the old interface and it's called Save as Optimove template, to distinguish these from regular campaigns.