Multi stage journey: multi-decision action

Group multiple decision outcomes into a single action

Multi-decision actions are used to direct a user profile along a different path in the workflow, based on whether they meet various criteria or not.

The difference between the single decision and the multi-decision action is that the multi-decision action lets you define more than two possible paths the users can take after arriving at the multi-decision.


Priority of paths

When checking the decision criteria, the system will start evaluating from Group A onwards.


The quick-stats section on the right of the action shows the number of user profiles that have arrived at the decision.

The quick-stats section on the top of each decision split shows the number of user profiles that have arrived at each split.

Determine the criteria

In order for a decision to alter a user profile's course through a workflow, we must first set the criteria that will be checked.

Click on the multi-decision action to open the decision toolbox and show the criteria overview.

To prevent accidental changes, details of the current criteria set can be viewed here but not edited.

To make a change you must first click on the Edit button.

This opens the decision editor, which allows the user to add multi-decision splits, move the logic from one group to another and determine the logic of each criterion.


Determine decision criteria logic

To learn how to add and edit the logic of a criterion, read the decision action dedicated guide.


Moving logic in active campaign

It is possible to change the order of a decision criterion to a different group. However, this won't affect the stats of users that arrived at that group before having made the change.