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The Xtremepush Games Hub is an innovative tool designed to enhance your omnichannel strategy by integrating engaging, free-to-play games into your customer interactions. This suite allows you to deliver real-time gamification experiences tailored to each player's behavior, value, and lifecycle stage, significantly boosting player engagement, conversion rates, and loyalty.

All games can be completely customised (including game and prize frequency, eligibility, design, sounds, etc).

To access the available games in your project, navigate to Games Hub from the main menu.


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If you are interested in purchasing any game, click on the game card and send your request. Our Account Management team will get in touch.

Game Catalog

These games are designed to boost daily returns, re-activate inactive players, and maintain player engagement.


Allow your customers to spin a single, double or triple wheel in exchange for prizes - itโ€™s an exciting way to engage them while rewarding their loyalty.

The Wheels game is an excellent solution to deliver the right prize to the right player and cross-sell your promotions across Sports, Casino, etc. You can control the prizes probabilities and customise them to your different audiences.

Open the box

Players can enjoy a simple game that offers several options to choose from, each resulting in a prize reveal.
Unlike some other games, this one doesn't require players to learn any complicated rules before they can start playing. This makes it an accessible and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.


Our Thunderboard game offers a unique twist on scratchcards. Instead of scratching, players search for winning icons after the cards are shuffled, adding excitement and surprise to the gameplay. It's a fun and engaging way to test your luck and win.


Offer scratchcards allowing players to win instant rewards with the possibility of getting more upon fulfilling specific requirements such as placing a bet. This will increase the number of active players and bet frequency.

Bingo Bash

Let your players feel the thrill of a Bingo game and allow them to win different prizes based on their value. Choose five numbers or "lucky dip" for 1-5 balls to win better prizes. Like all of our other games, you have the option to customise the game based on customer value.


Slots are highly dynamic and engaging game. Offer your players a number of free spins they can use to win points and turn them into various rewards they can spend on your pay-to-play activities.

Create a game

To create a game, you must first select the game type and then choose the region for which you want to create the game. After selecting these options, you will be guided through the game creation flow.