Delete personal data for user profiles

How to delete personally identifiable information from a single user profile

Platform users with permission to access user data can delete all data associated with a user profile, which may be used to satisfy a GDPR Right to Erasure request.

Find the user profile you wish to download by following the steps in the User Profile guide.

Delete personal data

Click the Actions button and select Delete Personal Data. A warning is shown indicating the types of data which will be deleted to anonymise the user profile, including:

  • User ID, email, mobile number
  • Device ID, ADID, IDFA, GA ID
  • All custom profile attributes
  • All custom device attributes
  • Historic custom attribute values
  • Last device's coordinates
  • Attribution events
  • All user data from message history (email, names, etc.)

If you click Confirm, all Personally Identifiable Information (PII) will be deleted from the User Profile, but leaving the anonymised User Profile record in place. This makes this option compliant with a GDPR Right to Erasure request.