Connecting Xtremepush to your existing Mixpanel account allows you to combine behavioural analytics with attribution and engagement data for targeted and relevant customer communications.

Export Mixpanel cohorts to Xtremepush, as a one-off or via automated, scheduled imports, to use as part of your segmented campaign sends. All cohorts are sync'd into Xtremepush as a matching list so they are simple to find afterwards.

Import Xtremepush Campaign engagement data to Mixpanel dashboards for richer understanding of your customers behaviour across all channels.

Setting up the Integration

First log into your Mixpanel account

  • Find your Project Token via Settings > Project Settings - select project if more than one - > Overview > Access Keys

Log into your Xtremepush account

  • Open the Project you want to sync user data to
  • Go to Project Settings > Integration > Marketplace
  • Select Mixpanel and click on Connect
  • Enter the Project Token you copied from your Mixpanel account
  • Select a Residency Server depending on your Mixpanel project location
  • Click Connect

Now when campaigns are sent from the Xtremepush platform, any engagement data from those campaigns will be sent back to Mixpanel for any users which are matched between the two platforms.
Data passed from Xtremepush to Mixpanel project includes the following:


You can deactivate the integration at any time by navigating back to this same section and selecting Deactivate from the Actions menu.

Sync Mixpanel Cohorts to Xtremepush Lists

Log into your Xtremepush account

  • Navigate to Project Settings > Integration > Marketplace and select your active Mixpanel Integration
  • Switch to the Overview tab to find your XP API credentials
  • Make a note of the Endpoint and App Token

Log in to your Mixpanel account

  • Open the Integration page (usually found at data management > Integrations)
  • Click on Xtremepush in the list of integrations and click Connect
  • Enter the credentials you copied from Xtremepush
  • Click Continue

You are now set up to sync Mixpanel Users from Cohorts in your Mixpanel account to Lists in your Xtremepush account.

Default Attributes
PUID (xtremepush_id) REQUIRED


When the Mixpanel Export numbers do not match the Xtremepush Import numbers

The Mixpanel / Xtremepush integration works on the basis that users are known and have been given a unique ID which is shared between the two platforms. Users without this ID coming from the Mixpanel platform will be ignored by Xtremepush and so not show up in the Xtremepush User List.

Attributes needed to allow sending by channel

For more information on how to set up the export in Mixpanel check out the Mixpanel Documentation