SMS settings

Configure you SMS unsubscribe page and create 'From names' for your SMS messages

The SMS settings page can be accessed by navigating to Settings > Channels > SMS settings.


Setting up SMS for the first time?

Contact our support team before setting up SMS for a new project. We will ensure all necessary provider configurations are in place and help you test the integration end-to-end.

SMS From names replaces the sender number in your SMS message seen by your audience. Any existing from names are listed. When you create a campaign, all from names will show in a drop-down list for your selection.


From name length

From names can be up to 11 characters long and cannot include spaces. This is a limitation inherent to SMS messages, and it cannot be overridden by Xtremepush.

To add a new From name click Create from name, enter your desired name in the From name box and click Create from name.

If you want to change an existing entry, click the options menu > edit icon, amend the text and click Update from name, and to delete an existing from one, click the bin icon.

Click Save to confirm.

SMS opt-out solutions

If you want to use one of Xtremepush's opt-out solutions in your campaigns, you need to enable it and choose the solution that you prefer to use.

Xtremepush provides two opt-out solutions: Opt-out via link and Reply to opt-out.

Opting out via link is the default option, so you would just need to click Save from this page.

If you choose to Reply to opt-out, you need to set the opt-out keyword and message for the languages that you want to use in your campaigns and then click Save.

Choosing an opt-out solution sets this solution for your campaign by default. In order to use the chosen solution in your campaigns, you need to enable it from the SMS tab while creating your campaign.


Reply to opt-out

This opt-out solution is only available for users of the Vonage gateway.

Customise the unsubscribe page

A view of your unsubscribe page is displayed. Adding an image and colour to your SMS unsubscribe page will tie it into your branding, enhancing your end-user experience.

To add an image to your unsubscribe page, click Upload icon and choose an image from your local file storage.

To change the background or highlight colour of the page, click the respective boxes. Use the colour picker or enter a HTML colour code in the box, for example #FFFFFF.

You can choose whether an end-user can use the page to change the mobile phone number you hold for them by toggling the Allow user to change mobile phone number slider. This option is turned off by default. It is not recommended if you have a login and customer records are syncing mobile numbers to the platform from your system of record.

Click Save to confirm.

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SMS settings

Configure you SMS unsubscribe page and create 'From names' for your SMS messages

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