Analytics overview

The analytics suite can be accessed from the main menu (Analytics). Our range of analytics options are broken up into five sub-categories (campaign analytics, user analytics, behaviour, locations and devices).

Campaign analytics

Here we can review data from each of your campaigns.

User analytics

This section shows data on the users of your mobile app.

  • Active users
  • Frequency & recency

Find more details about User analytics in our dedicated guide.

Behaviour analytics

Here we have the data on how your app was used.

  • Tags and Events
  • Sessions
  • Metrics
  • Funnel analytics

Find more details about Behaviour analytics in our dedicated guide.

Location Analytics

This section shows data on locations.

  • Geo and iBeacons
  • Countries
  • Languages

Find more details about Location analytics in this dedicated guide.

Device Analytics

Here we have the data on the devices and versions that your users have.

  • Carriers
  • Device Info
  • App Versions

Find more details about Device analytics in our dedicated guide.

Top menu

Common to most of the analytics pages is the top menu that allows users to split the data by type of app and apply different time ranges.


If selecting 'Today', figures will be calculated from midnight to the viewing time today. You can see this time range at the top of the page.


Refine the data by platform type and by timeframe.


App type filter

The app type filter will only appear if you have integrated more than one type of app (website / mobile app).


Data aggregation

In most of the pages, the aggregation and grouping of the stats is controlled by the time range selected:

  • One day will return values per hour
  • Up to 30 days returns values per day
  • Greater than 30 days returns values per month
  • Greater than a year returns values per year