Locations tab

Using location activity as a message trigger

User activity with location geofences and iBeacons can be used to trigger campaign messages. They must first be enabled for your project and either mapped, in the case of geofences, or installed and linked using the UUID in the case of iBeacons.

Select notification trigger

Select what location action you want to trigger your message.

  • On entering location: triggers your message when the user enters a location region.
  • On exiting location: triggers your message when the user exits a location region.
  • After dwell time: triggers your message after the user has remained within the location region for a specified period of time. Selecting this option presents an input field. Enter the number of minutes you want to use as a dwell time for this campaign.

Select geofences and iBeacons

Any locations already associated with this campaign are listed in this section. You can remove a location by clicking delete x next to the location name.

To add a geofence or an iBeacon to this campaign, type its name into the Add geofence or Add iBeacon input field, or select one from the list of geofences / iBeacons presented respectively. If there are none, it means no geofences or iBeacons have been created from the Locations menu in your Data manager.

Triggering limits

There are three advanced options in the locations tab when creating a geofence or iBeacon based campaign. They can be applied per day or per campaign.

Maximum number of triggers

This is the maximum number of notifications a user can receive from the campaign per day or for the entire campaign duration. If, for instance, it is set to 1, no matter how many times a user performs the trigger event (e.g., enters a location) they will only receive a notification the first time on a day or for the whole campaign.

Maximum triggers per location

This setting controls how many notifications can be triggered by each location.

Number of prior enters before trigger

This setting controls the number of prior entries required before a notification is triggered by a location event. The default is zero and will mean a notification will trigger the first time the user enters/exits. If for example you want a notification to trigger on the second event, set this to 1.

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Locations tab

Using location activity as a message trigger

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