Common notifications log errors

Review the most common reasons messages fail and how to fix them

In some situations, individual sends or a whole batch of messages can fail. See below for a list of the most common errors:

Error messageChannelMeaning
Not personalisedAllPersonalisation issue (wrong syntax, missing attribute or missing fallback value, twig not enabled for project).
Device_unregisteredApp pushThe app has been uninstalled or it cannot longer be reached from the gateway
Sender_ID_mismatchAndroid pushThe sender ID uploaded to the XtremePush platform doesn't match the sender ID used to generate the push token.
Post "`iOS pushExpired iOS certificate. Replace it following instructions here.
Unable to connect to 'ssl:// pushExpired iOS certificate. Replace it following instructions here.
BadDeviceTokeniOS pushToken mismatch (possibly using sandbox token for production app or viceversa).
Invalid from paramSMSFrom name is not correct. Must follow format outlined here.
GoneWeb pushThe subscription for the device is no longer active or the service worker on that particular device has been removed.
DeviceTokenNotForTopiciOS pushThe app push certificate and bundle ID are mismatched.
Verify that the bundle ID saved in Xtremepush (application settings) matches exactly the bundle ID in the application source code.
404: Requested entity was not foundAndroid pushThe app has been uninstalled or the token hasn't been refreshed in 270 days. Marks the device as unaddressable.
429: Quota exceeded for quota metric... Android pushFirebase applies a sending limit that has been exceeded. Contact Firebase to get this limit increased.
403: Firebase Cloud Messaging API has not been used in project XXX beforeAndroid pushFCM v1 API is disabled in your Firebase project. Review your configuration.