AI subject line generation for emails

Allow our copywriter to generate an engaging subject line for your email campaigns based on its content


Can't see this feature?

The AI copywriter is not enabled by default. If you would like to use this feature, please contact us.

To use this feature, create a single or multi-stage campaign and select email as one of the channels.

Create the email content, either by using the email builder or by uploading your own custom HTML.

Once the content is saved, click the AI button on the subject line field.

Xtremepush will use the content of the email to generate an engaging subject line. You can click the button multiple times to refresh the subject line until you are happy with it.

It is also possible to manually edit the subject line after automatic generation if you wish.


The text content within your email is used to generate the subject line. Therefore, emails which are mostly images may not generate strong subject lines.