Web SDK releases

Release notes for the Xtremepush web SDK

The SDK is provided automatically by Xtremepush when following the guide to implement the SDK import code on your website. Xtremepush will always provide the latest version available at the time of the implementation, and it is not possible to import an older version.


Current version

The current SDK version on your website can be checked by running XPEnvironment.version in your browser's developer console.

SDK releases are not automatically applied to all projects, they are only updated when a config change is made, to make sure that changes only happen when a developer is working on the implementation. To manually force the SDK version to be updated, navigate to Settings > General in your project and press Save.

Latest version



  • Fix an issue in the ready method, that would not always execute registered callbacks.

Previous versions



  • Backend changes to support future web push improvements.
  • Only attempt to remove legacy cookies if they are currently set.