Encrypted mobile push

Encrypt push messages to devices


Enterprise Push Package

Encrypted mobile push is part of the Xtremepush Enterprise Push package, which is a paid feature. Please review our dedicated guide for more details.

Once encrypted mobile push messages are enabled for a project, all messages will be sent as encrypted if possible, but will fall back to unencrypted where the device cannot receive the encrypted message.

If a particular campaign requires the message to be encrypted, then it can be enforced via the Segment tab for a single-stage campaign by selecting the option Enforce encryption.

When encryption is enforced, the campaign will not be sent to devices which cannot receive encrypted messages – the Notifications Log will display the reason why the send failed.


SDK versions

For a device to receive encrypted push messages, your mobile app must be using at least Android SDK v8.1.0 or iOS SDK v4.1.11.


API triggered campaigns

If you are using the Campaign Execute API method, your requests must include the encrypted parameter. See the encryption parameter in the campaign create endpoint guide.