Segment integration

Enable Xtremepush as a destination in Segment

The Segment integration allows you to use Xtremepush as your multichannel messaging hub by adding it as a destination in Segment. Customer data from Segment can be routed to Xtremepush in real-time which can be used to trigger campaigns or launch journeys. You can route identified customers, their associated traits, and any action data that is tracked in Segment.


Action Destination

Updated May 2024, Xtremepush is now integrated as an Action Destination in Segment.

This type of integration offers some benefit over Destination integrations: easier setup, increased transparency and improved customisation.

To convert an older integration to the new Action type you can follow the instructions detailed in the Segment Documentation.

From Segment's website:

The Destination Actions framework improves on classic destinations by enabling you to see and control how Segment sends the event data it receives from your sources, to actions-based destinations. Each Action in a destination lists the event data it requires, and the event data that is optional.

You can also choose which event types, event names, or event property values trigger an Action. These Triggers and mappings make it possible to send different versions of the Action, depending on the context from which it is triggered.

The Xtremepush integration with Segment gives access to the following Segment APIs:

Create a connection to Segment

Navigate to Settings > Integrations > Marketplace, select the Segment card and click Connect.

Give your connection a unique Name that helps you easily identify it, click Connect to confirm.

The Overview page will show you the API token needed to add a destination in Segment.

Segment platform

Go to Destinations and click Add destination. Search for "Xtremepush" in the destinations catalog and select. Enter the API token from Xtremepush and click Save. Review the Segment documentation for more information.

User identifiers

When you identify a user, Segment passes that user’s information to Xtremepush where we will update or create a new user profile based on whether a profile exists with that User ID.

Some special traits will also be used as additional user identifiers:

Segment traitXtremepush user identifier

Custom profile attributes

For any additional traits you want to save you should create user profile attributes in your Xtremepush project.

If a trait does not match a custom Xtremepush user profile attribute and is not recognised as a user identifier it will be ignored.

Create an additional connection

To create an additional Segment connection, select the Segment card in the Integrations Marketplace tab found at Settings > Integrations > Marketplace. Click Connect New and repeat the integration steps outlined in the above section.

Update an existing connection

Select the integration you want to update at Settings > Integrations > Marketplace > Configured Integrations. Go to the Settings tab to update the Name of the connection. You can choose to revoke the API token by clicking the bin icon.

Click Save to confirm any changes.

Deactivate or delete a connection

Select the integration you want to update at Settings > Integrations > Marketplace > Configured Integrations. Go to the Settings tab and click the Actions button. You will be presented with the option to either Deactivate or Delete the integration. Clicking either of them opens a confirmation dialog.