Create a project

How, and when, you should create a new project on your dashboard

Create a project

Navigate to your company dashboard by clicking on the Xtremepush logo on the top of the screen and click Create New Project to open the project creator.

Give your project a title that helps you easily identify it on your dashboard. Choose the timezone that will apply to this project, time is used for all analytical data and as the default timezone when scheduling campaigns.

Click Save to confirm.


Timezones and daylight saving

Carefully consider the timezone of your project before saving as it cannot be changed later. You can select an absolute timezone, such as UTC, or a location-based timezone, such as Europe/Dublin. A location-based timezone will automatically adhere to daylight saving in that location.

You will be taken to the Project settings page where you can upload an icon and add a description for your project.

Number of projects

You can create an unlimited number of projects on your dashboard. All project-related data (user profiles, integrations, campaigns, etc.) is completely separate between your projects.

It is recommended to set up one project for your production environment, and one project for your staging/test environment as this will ensure no accidental messages are sent to your live user base while testing. Learn more about this in our dedicated guide.


Merging projects

There is no option to merge projects together after they have been created. Consider how you want to structure your projects, keeping in mind that all campaigns and user data are unique within a single project.
It is possible to integrate multiple websites and apps to a single project, and it should be considered when you have multiple websites and apps that share a single user base.