Add your Lithium promotions to your Xtremepush campaigns to send Sports bettings & gaming promotions to your users and track them.

Syncing your Lithium promotions with Xtremepush allows you to send promotion campaigns and return details of who were sent a promotion back to Lithium.

You have the ability to assign different promotions to different variants via A/B split campaigns so that you can assess the effectiveness of different promotions.

You also can use the multi-stage journey builder to create campaigns that will assign different promotions at different stages of a campaign based on customer behaviour.

Create a connection to Lithium

Select the Lithium card in the Integrations Marketplace tab found at Settings > Integrations > Marketplace and click Connect.

Basic settings

Give your connection a name that helps you easily identify it.

Connection settings

Input your Lithium credentials (Server URL, Domain name, username, password, login username and login password) and click Connect.


More than one connection to Lithium

It is possible to have additional Lithium connections, by repeating the integration steps outlined in the section above.

However, you should only have one active connection at any given time to avoid any potential clashes with sync processes.

Synchronise promotions

Sync from Lithium to Xtremepush

Automated sync

An automated sync from Lithium to Xtremepush will run as soon as the connection has been set up.

An hourly, automated sync will then run going forwards, you can see details in the Overview page.

Manual sync

If you update your promotions within Lithium and need to use in a campaign before the next scheduled automated sync, you can run a manual sync.

In the Overview tab for your integration found at Settings > Integrations > Marketplace > Configured Integrations, click the Actions button. Select Sync action and click Start sync.

Check task status

When the sync process has started, you will be taken to the Task group page in the Task history, where you can see the status of the promotion synchronisation.

Sync from Xtremepush to Lithium

The Xtremepush platform will return the Lithium promotionID and customerID back to Lithium in real-time (once the campaign has been sent).


The matching between Xtremepush and Lithium is done between the Xtremepush User ID and Lithium's unique identifier (customerID).

Download details from a completed sync

The Task details page provides information for the selected sync such as processed promotions, created promotions, updated promotions, deleted promotions and sync status.

Select the integration at Settings > Integrations > Marketplace > Configured Integrations. Find the sync task in the Sync history table and click the Details button to open the Task details page.

Click the Download button to download a CSV file of the data from that sync task.

Update or delete an existing connection

Select the integration you want to update at Settings > Integrations > Marketplace > Configured Integrations. Go to the Settings tab and update any necessary setting, click Save to confirm. If you need to delete or deactivate the connection, click on the Actions button. You will be presented with the option to either Deactivate or Delete the integration. Clicking either of them opens a confirmation dialog.

Assign promotions to a campaign

To add a promotion to a campaign, click on Add promotion in the Setup tab from the campaign builder.

Search the list of available promotions (these need to be created beforehand in Lithium) and select the desired one. Once you have selected the promotion, enter the desired promotion amount in the Promotion Amount field. For example, if the offer is for a €5 free bet then you would simply enter 5 in the field).


When the campaign is sent, Lithium will be sent a list of all user IDs included in the send.

Use promotions for A/B variants

To test the effectiveness of different promotions it's also possible to combine Lithium promotions with A/B variants. To do so click on A/B testing from the Setup tab of your campaign and assign the Lithium promotion and amount for each variant.


In this example, a 10% control group has been set and an A variant with a promotion of €5.